Is This Parenting Decision Even Humane?

Eliyahu finds himself in an impossible catch-22.

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Is this decsion even Humane?
Is this decsion even Humane?
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

Parents inevitably have to make tough decisions from time to time...But is this one even possible?

Eliyahu is a father of six who currently lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Things were going well for many years--That is, until Covid hit. Eliyahu’s business was destroyed and things became tight for the family. But now, he is being tested him like never before: His wife has been diagnosed with cancer.

Eliyahu finds himself in an impossible catch-22. If he doesn’t pay Elisheva’s medical bills, she will not make it G-d forbid. And if he does pay them, he will not have money to pay rent or feed his six wonderful children. On the verge of losing his home, Eliyahu has turned to strangers across the world to help him out on an emergency fundraising page with a video message included from Rabbi Elimelech Kornfeld of Ramat Beit Shemesh:

Eliyahu’s words on his campaign page are distressing: “I am stuck. Please help me take care of my little children and get my wife the medications she needs so that soon this nightmare will be over.”

Click here to help this man pay his wife’s medical bills, feed his six kids, and survive this living nightmare with dignity.