Houston Jewish community pulls together to save COVID vaccines

World Bnei Akiva emissaries working in Houston join with local Jewish community to organize mass vaccine campaign after freezers fail.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Vaccine campaign in Houston
Vaccine campaign in Houston
Aviva Friedman

The local Jewish community in Houston, Texas came together recently to help ensure that doses of the coronavirus vaccine don't go to waste.

Aviva and Uri Friedman, emissaries from World Bnei Akiva and the World Zionist Organization working in Houston, described the massive snow storm which hit the southern United States, leaving parts of Texas hard hit.

Among other things, the storm caused a malfunction in the Houston municipality's freezers used to store doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, which must be stored in deep-freeze prior to use.

With more than 8,000 doses thawing and in danger of going to waste, the local community worked together with city officials to distribute the doses, with more than 500 doses used in under two days.

"We merited, as World Bnei Akiva emissaries, not only to get vaccinated, but also to help organize and carry out the mass vaccination campaign in two days with more than 500 people. Even local television stations covered the campaign," said Uri and Aviva Friedman.