Ex-fiancée of missing IDF soldier engaged again

Edna Seroussi, who was the fiancée of Hadar Goldin whose body is being held by Hamas, becomes engaged.

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Edna Seroussi
Edna Seroussi
Arutz Sheva

Edna Seroussi, who was the fiancée of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin whose body has been held by Hamas since 2014, got engaged on Monday evening.

About a month ago, Seroussi participated in a protest outside the Knesset in which demonstrators demanded that the government not provide Hamas in the Gaza Strip with vaccines before the return of the Israeli soldiers and civilians that the organization is holding.

"We are here today to protest and give strength to the families of Hadar and Oron [Shaul],” she told Arutz Sheva at the time. “I think in the last six years we have reached a point where the state is not doing enough. There is a very hard feeling that some are trying to sweep this issue under the table and we want to put it on the table and say that we are here in order to bring the boys back.”

"We think the issue of humanitarian for humanitarian is fundamental, and it's just not clear why that's not happening and why they are not coming," she said. "Why don't we use our power as the state of Israel to stand firm against Hamas? We just give them everything they want."

"We should use everything in which we have power over them, and instead of giving them something that is extra, because even among us not everyone has been vaccinated yet, and we just come and give them a gift and it's not clear why. It is clear that this is going to the leaders of Hamas," added Seroussi.