Evidence phase of Netanyahu trial pushed to after election

Hearings to begin on April 5, to be held 3 times a week.


Netanyahu in court
Netanyahu in court
Amit Shabi.POOL, Flash 90

The evidentiary phase of the trial of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been postponed to after the Knesset elections in March.

The hearings will begin on April 5 and will be held three times a week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

During the last hearing in the case, Netanyahu's attorneys argued that the State Attorney's Office did not receive the ombudsman's approval to open an investigation against the prime minister in the manner required by law.

Adv. Boaz Ben-Tzur said that this is a requirement that appears in the Basic Law. "There was contempt on the part of the accuser (the prosecution) about what was being done here. How is the accuser trying to minimize this law, the obligations imposed by law? They are trying to detract from the magnitude of the violation and therefore diminishing the meaning of the law."

"The Basic Law of the Government stipulates a simple provision - a criminal investigation will not be opened against the Prime Minister without the approval of the attorney general. It is the duty of the attorney general to approve the opening of a criminal investigation against the prime minister. It is a constitutional right on the other hand, both of the Prime Minister and of the public, that no criminal investigation will be opened against the Prime Minister without the approval of the attorney general," he added.