Danny Danon re-elected as World Likud Chairman, issues message of unity

Danon: 'We will work together to confront the Iranian threat and eradicate the scourge of anti-Semitism.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ambassador Danny Danon
Ambassador Danny Danon
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Israel's former ambassador to the UN and minister, Danny Danon, was re-elected tonight as Chairman of the World Likud for a five-year term until 2026.

After a tense few months that saw the position contested, re-elections for the Chairmanship were held during which Danon sought to unify World Likud members behind the important goals he envisioned for the organization.

The World Likud is a connecting bridge between Israel and the Jewish communities in the Diaspora. Its mission is to strengthen diaspora Jewry in the fight for its security and against the scourge of anti-Semitism and BDS, while at the same time working to encourage aliyah, promote Jewish identity as well as Zionist and Jewish education. In addition, the World Likud is working to strengthen the Jewish communities throughout the country in order to exercise the rights of the Jewish people to all parts of the Land of Israel.

Elected World Likud Chairman Danny Danon stated his first goals in office.

"Our first goal, during this significant period for the people and the State of Israel, will be to engage our friends around the world to take a firm stand against Iran or any return to the dangerous Iran nuclear deal. We believe that the United States and the world’s superpowers must continue to assume a resolute approach towards Iran and ensure that Israel’s security and the security of the countries of the region remain uncompromised.

"The second goal is a determined and decisive fight against anti-Semitism that has intensified globally during the Corona period. Many countries have already adopted the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and we will work hard to ensure more governments adopt and actively implement it."

Danon also commented on his re-election to the post.

"This election highlights a message of unity. After a period of disagreement that has divided the World Likud, we are joining hands to strengthen and solidify all our forces for the movement and its values.

"I thank my friends from around the world who supported me all the way and gave me their trust. I intend to continue to faithfully and devotedly serve the people of Israel and the World Likud movement, both in Israel and in the Diaspora.

The Likud World Movement said: "We congratulate the elected World Chairman, Danny Danon, on a further term and believe that this is the beginning of a new and important chapter in the movement's significant work."