Amit Segal: 'He created the poisonous atmosphere that killed his sister-in-law'

'Every day miracles fall from Heaven, but a million and a half spoiled Israelis still dare to complain,' Channel 12 analyst Amit Segal accuses.

Refael Levi ,

Amit Segal
Amit Segal
Hadas Parush/Flash90

Amit Segal, Channel 12 analyst, has linked the Children of Israel's complaints about the manna to the new wave of Israelis refusing the coronavirus vaccine.

In a Sunday Facebook post, Segal wrote: "One of the most suspicious sections of the Torah (Pentateuch) is the story of how the manna fell for the Children of Israel. Okay, so heavenly bread came down each morning and its taste changed in each person's mouth according to what he liked best. That's still relatively logical, when compared to the next part: The Children of Israel dared to complain about their free meals that they received from Heaven: 'We are sick of this substandard bread,' they said. Come on, really? That can't be."

"Today, when the article on Osnat Ben Shitrit, obm, was published, I became convinced that the story of the manna absolutely happened. Osnat, 32 years old, died after she saw her good friend die of coronavirus complications. She saw, she was shocked, and she did not get vaccinated.

"There is no way to express in writing how her children cried over her grave, but I have copied and pasted the text her brother-in-law wrote, in his own words, because every person must hear it and internalize it," Segal emphasized.

Segal also noted that Ben Shitrit's brother-in-law had been one of the first to open a WhatsApp group opposing the coronavirus vaccine: "Do you understand? Every single day this idiot heard on the news about another 30 Israelis who died, another 69 who died, another 87. But he needed death to knock at his window in order to be 'at peace with himself.' In the name of boredom and haughtiness he hasn't yet apologized for the fact that his words created the poisonous atmosphere which sent his sister-in-law to her death."

"Every single day, tiny little bottles of amazingness fall on us from Heaven: Life-saving material. But a million and a half spoiled Israelis still dare to complain about the 'inferior bread,'" he concluded.

Ben Shitrit, a resident of Givat Ze'ev and a mother of four and in her ninth month of pregnancy, died on Sunday after suffering coronavirus complications. Prior to contracting coronavirus, Ben Shitrit had had a healthy pregnancy, her fifth after four healthy and uneventful pregnancies and births.

Though she suffered respiratory distress, she initially refused to go to the hospital, since she was "afraid" of the hospital. As a result, she was admitted only on Tuesday night, and by then her condition was already critical.