Police break up illegal 'nature party'

Police officers break up party with over 100 participants, detain one, and fine dozens.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The nature party
The nature party
Israel Police spokesperson

Israel Police have detained for questioning a DJ and producer who was at a "nature party" held in an open area near Morasha Junction.

The party included over 100 participants, the DJ, amplification equipment, and loud music.

In addition to detaining the DJ, police handed out fines to dozens of party attendees.

"Israel Police is at the forefront of its national effort to stop the plague," the police said.

"Every person carries responsibility and is required to follow the Health Ministry guidelines, since the actions of the individual affect the entire public's safety and health."

Last month, police broke up a large party in Herzliya, and in southern Dimona the municipality has urged residents to cease hosting parties, which during the first half of January 2021 were responsible for the bulk of the city's approximately twenty new coronavirus cases daily.