Education Ministry updates plan for reopening schools

Ahead of additional students' return to school, Education Min. publishes updated plan, with sections on physical education, hikes, and more.

Orly Harari ,

School gym (illustrative)
School gym (illustrative)

The Education Ministry has published an updated plan regarding preschools, grades 1-6, and grades 11-12 in "green," "yellow," and certain "orange" areas.

The update comes just before students in these areas who are in grades 5-6 and 11-12 return to school on Sunday.

Among other things, the Ministry noted that hiking by foot in open areas near the school itself is permitted, so long as the class groups do not mix, and schools can also organize one-day hikes in open areas, so long as there is no overnight sleeping and the class groups and the staff accompanying them remain in their usual groups without mixing. These hikes must be accompanied by a security guard, a tour guide, and a medical professional.

In addition, pre-IDF activities can be held, including one-day hikes in open areas with no overnight activities, and including familiarization with IDF units and meetings with IDF representatives, while ensuring that social distancing rules are kept and masks are worn throughout the meetings.

Physical education teachers may teach in students in set groups, without a limit on the number of groups taught, so long as the teacher wears a mask during the entire lesson and keeps two meters at least between himself and the students. So long as it is not possible to hold physical education classes outdoors due to inclement weather, or in a large enough hall to allow two meters distance as required, physical education teachers will teach no more than four different groups of students each.