Talking Parsha: Why does the Mishkan need a table?

Truma and Zachor: Tuvia and Yitzi talk about the Tabernacle's table, why there is always bread on it - and what the connection is to Purim.

Tuvia and Yitzi ,

Yitzi and Tuvia
Yitzi and Tuvia
Talking Parsha

In this week's parsha (Torah portion), Hashem commands Moshe (Moses) to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle), and among the holy vessels, Moshe is commanded to build the shulchan hapanim, the table, and to make sure there's ALWAYS bread on it.

We know of other things that need to be always: The daily offerings - korban tamid - that symbolize our connection to G-d, and the ner tamid, a constant light in the menorah, that symbolizes the wisdom and Torah in the world.

But why was there a need to have a constant bread? What was this about? and how does it connect to Purim?