Bennett on Sa'ar: He's a good political activist

Yamina chairman responds to New Hope campaign: What Israel needs now is no more dirty tricks, we have had enough of those.

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Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The chairman of the Yamina party, Naftali Bennett, said on Thursday that the time has come for Binyamin Netanyahu to step aside and let others lead the country.

"After 32 years in politics it does not work. Anyone who looks out the window sees that it does not work. The fact is that Netanyahu and Miri Regev prevented coronavirus testing at Ben Gurion Airport and imported a huge amount of all the mutations that are now killing Israelis. I am not saying they did it on purpose – but they did it. How can they now show their faces? There comes a point where we have to say goodbye to a leader and I promise everyone, the day after will be great," Bennett said in an interview with the election program of i24NEWS and Israel Hayom.

Bennett was asked whether he would choose to sit in a government headed by Netanyahu or go to another election, and replied, "Unlike Lapid, Liberman and Sa’ar - I do not boycott the Likud. They essentially say that anyone who votes for the Likud - his vote will not be taken into account because he is boycotted by them. You cannot do that in a democracy."

On Gideon Sa’ar he said, "Sa’ar is a good political activist, I am an entrepreneur and a leader. What Israel needs now is no more dirty tricks, we have had enough of those. I will not use the same illegal methods, like them behind anonymous accounts to attack me as reported yesterday, I'm not going to take the same measures. I'm focusing on one thing, getting Israel out of this chaos. Israel is not being managed. There is no management with the proper capabilities of this country. If this had been a commercial company - the CEO would be fired. It's time to fire the CEO and to bring in a new CEO, a new leader, to say thank you to Netanyahu and I do appreciate his contribution, but he will not be able to unite the people."

Bennett responded to Sa’ar’s proposal, according to which Yamina and New Hope will not attack each other as part of the election campaign and said, "I was attacked for focusing on finding jobs. I intend to continue to do the same thing, no matter what they do."

He was also asked if Sa’ar could be an ally at the time of the formation of the government and replied, "Absolutely. Anyone who is a Zionist and believes in a Jewish and democratic state is a potential ally in my government, in our government. All that matters to me is that we put politics aside only for a few moments. Let’s give it a chance, because we are in such a deep crisis, an unprecedented crisis in Israel, the only way out of this crisis is to put aside petty politics, like the things we have seen in recent days, and start working."

Bennett commented on the next government's relationship with the Biden administration and said, "The United States is of course our biggest ally and as someone who lived for many years in the United States and has done business all over the United States, I know the American mentality very well and I believe we should talk openly. There will be things we agree on, which is about 90% of things, and there will be things we will disagree on and that is fine."

"Prime Minister Netanyahu missed the biggest opportunity in history to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. As long as I am in politics I will not give up one inch of Israeli land. I will be very clear on the issue, it will not happen. I am sure we will do good work in establishing good relations with the new American administration."