Trump enemies who have fallen from grace since the election

A shocking number of those who fought to demean and destroy Trump have been exposed for being liars, crooks or sexual harassers. Op-ed.

Alan Bergstein ,

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo
A dark cloud seems to have settled on a good many "Trump Haters" now that he's been removed from the White House. And this politically fickle finger of shame has engulfed both Democrats and Republicans.

Governor Cuomo (D), may soon face a jury of his underlings for the deaths of thousands.

California's Governor Gavin Newsom (D), is on the brink of a citizen recall for his alleged ineptitude.

That same state's Congressman Eric Swalwell (D), has been outed for his relationship with a (female) Chinese spy.

A significant group of heavy hitting, right-wing Never Trumpers, the big movers of the Lincoln Project (R) are now being accused of being common crooks and chronic pedophiles.

What more good political news can we look for in the immediate future?

Focusing on the Republican Trump hating group, the Lincoln Project (LP) that spent its energies and public donations campaigning for Biden and mosquito-biting Trump, has been ravaged by revelations that its leaders were outright pedophiles and that they alledgedly stole millions from their supporters for their own personal needs.

John Weaver, one of the group's co-founders was recently denounced by them for sexually harassing young men who were looking to break into politics. In a statement sent out by the LP, they called Weaver, "a predator, a liar, and an abuser," following reports that he repeatedly sent unsolicited and sexually charged messages online to young men. Reports now made public, of course, after the election, indicate his perversity was well known to all in the group. Weaver was a major strategist for other No Trumpers, such as John McCain and John Kasich. The group did nothing, then pounced on and tossed him into the Dumpster after he had accomplished his work to get Biden elected.

And just this past week, veteran Trump hating Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, announced that he was resigning from the board of the Lincoln Project. He claimed he's still suffering from a childhood incident where he was touched by a Boy Scout medic, that he was depressed and that he wanted a woman to replace him as a board member. This same strategist ruled this organization while it raked in $40 million in the third quarter of 2020 alone, funneling half of that bundle into their personal firms and spending a sky-high $13 million in donor money on questionable "operating expenditures," - he is now bailing out with a parachute of bucks.

Strange that the above group of political activists of both stripes, crooks and perverts all, worked in conjunction to incriminate, prosecute, persecute, demean and destroy Donald Trump with what were clearly baseless charges, fabricated rumors and outright lies.

Now that their job of getting Biden into the White House by hook or crook is over, they are being led into oblivion and some possibly to prison, leaving vacancies for other Progressive Socialist radicals to fill the void for the next campaign against true America lovers. Be ready for them to start swarming this Spring.