Father of the late Lieutenant Shir Hajaj: Has Israel replaced Yad L'Achim?

Herzl Hajaj furious at PM decision to release prisoners in exchange for girl who crossed border into Syria: 'Israel became Yad L'Achim.'

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Herzl Hajaj
Herzl Hajaj
Arutz Sheva

In the past day, contacts have been made for the release of an Israeli woman who crossed the border into Syria. As part of the deal, Israel is expected to release two security prisoners.

This provoked criticism and terror victim Shir Hajaj's father, Herzl Hajaj, spoke with Yinon Magal and Ben Caspit and explained his opposition.

Hajaj said, "I'm a member of the Voters' Choice Forum, 150 bereaved families and victims of terrorism. We have in the group seven whose children were murdered by those released in the Shalit deal for example, and I believe there are many more examples of people murdered by those freed in previous deals. I do not oppose returning missing persons in Gaza and Syria but to release terrorists? No one has the right to touch them."

In his opinion, "Murderous terrorists and senior terrorists, they should be executed. You did not execute them? You have no right to touch them, you should be ashamed. They should sit in jail in solitary confinement, from my perspective they should break rocks all day. They are coddled there in jail, everyone knows, and they want to go back to jail." He added: "Their act is a betrayal of the country. These weaknesses will cost us more blood. We will get it in another year or two, but it means more families like us, and we do not want them to join."

Hajaj noted that the prisoner who is expected to be released in the deal refused to return to Syria, and asked to be released to his home in Israel. "Sometimes when you release to a place that is close, and I oppose any release, you can catch them and put them back in jail, or eliminate them, which is better for me. But it can't be that terrorists are released."

He later sharply criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: "There was very strong talk about a deal to release terrorists with Hamas in exchange for permanent quiet. I have protest signs ready for Netanyahu: 'You're number 1 in many things, don't be number 1 in releasing terrorists.' My daughter was murdered on the Netanyahu's watch as prime minister, for me he has responsibility for that, and also for the government that was. We will not keep quiet about it, these terrorists then murder other Israeli civilians."

He wondered: "Has Israel replaced Yad L'Achim? Now it's releasing Jewish girls who went with Arabs?"