Biden finally calls Netanyahu

One month after taking office, US President finally calls Israeli premier. The two leaders spoke for an hour.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

PM Netanyahu speaks with President Biden
PM Netanyahu speaks with President Biden

US President Joe Biden finally spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday, nearly a month after Biden took office.

The Prime Minister's Office stated that "the conversation was very friendly and warm and lasted about an hour. The two leaders noted the long-standing personal connection between them and said they would work together to further strengthen the strong alliance between Israel and the United States."

President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed the continuation of the recent peace agreements, the Iranian threat and the challenges of the region and agreed to hold additional talks.

"The president congratulated the prime minister on his leadership in the fight against the coronavirus and the two exchanged views on how to deal with the pandemic," the Prime Minister's office added.