Why everyone assumed this wedding would be canceled

But their mother was adamant that they go ahead with it...

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Emergency fund
Emergency fund
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39-year-old Malka Kreuzer lay on her deathbed, hooked up to machines to monitor her vital signs, clinging to the last threads of life even as she knew that she was about to lose her months-long struggle. Despite the weakness of her body, her will was still strong. With a voice full of emotion she whispered to the nurses - the wedding must go ahead.

Malka was very close with her oldest daughter, and over the years, the two would talk as mother and daughter often do - about who she would like to marry someday, what she would like her wedding to be like, where she would like to live. Neither of them dreamed that just a few weeks after her daughter was engaged, Malka would be diagnosed with brain cancer. Between rigorous treatments and recovery from brain surgery, Malka returned home to participate to the utmost of her ability in all the preparations for the wedding, praying and hoping that she would still be there for her daughter on the day.

It was not to be.

Tragically, after half a year of pain-filled struggle, Malka's condition deteriorated suddenly and sharply, and she passed away 10 days before the date set for her oldest child's wedding, leaving her husband and seven young orphans bereft.

Before she died, she made her wishes clear. The family was not to allow the tragedy to rob her beloved daughter of the wedding they had planned together. And so, wiping away their tears, the Kreuzers approach a deeply bittersweet simchah.

Making the simchah, however, is not just a challenge in staying emotionally strong. What Malka may not have realized in her state of extreme sickness was that the family’s finances have become dire. Without her income, her husband has become mired in debt due to medical expenses incurred and now the other expenses that accompany a tragic loss.

The young bride is still missing basic essentials for her wedding and the home she hopes to establish, and meanwhile, her father, devastated by his loss, is confronted with the challenge of giving his other children a sense of security when he lacks sufficient means to provide for them.

Donations are being collected via an emergency fund, to help fulfill Mrs. Kreuzer’s greatest dream: giving her children a future of hope and happiness.