Survey: Likud strengthens, Sa'ar weakens

Poll says Yamina led by Naftali Bennett receives 10 seats, while Religious Zionism led by Smotrich receives 5 seats.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sa'ar, Netanyahu
Sa'ar, Netanyahu
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A Channel 12 News and Mano Geva poll published tonight shows that if the election had been held today, the Likud would have strengthened in seats compared to the previous poll and received 29 seats.

The second largest party according to the survey is Yesh Atid led by Yair Lapid with 18 seats, while in third is the New Hope led by Gideon Sa'ar that weakens to 13 seats.

Yamina led by Naftali Bennett weakened to 10 seats, while the Joint Arab List receives only 9 seats according to the poll.

Shas receives 8 seats, United Torah Judaism and Yisrael Beyteinu get 7 seats each, while the Labor Party stands at 6 seats.

The poll also shows that the Religious Zionist Party, led by Betzalel Smotrich receives 5 seats, and at the bottom of the list are Meretz and Blue and White, which receive 4 seats each.

Below the electoral threshold remain Yaron Zelicha's new Economic Party with 1.9%, Raam with 1.8% and Maan with 1.0%.