Jerusalemites: Prepare for medium to heavy snow

Forecaster talks about weather in coming days, refers to unique year that includes strong storms alongside many sunny days.

Nitzan Kedar ,

Jerusalem snow
Jerusalem snow
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Forecaster Uri Betz today announced in conversation with Arutz Sheva that a significant amount of snow is expected in Jerusalem over the next two days.

"The snow that will start in the Hermon area will reach the northern mountains tonight and towards tomorrow the snow will intensify in the north. It will snow in the central mountains where there will be two to three strong snowfalls in the morning. But this is just the introduction. We'll wake up on Thursday and see everything white in Jerusalem," explains Betz.

"This is a strong, fast, and elegant system with heavy snow in the north, heavy to medium snow in the central mountains including Jerusalem, and heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms in other places."

Betz notes that "there are some things that need to be emphasized in cases of such a storm. It is worth leaving faucets slightly open so that the water flowing in the pipes will prevent damage when temperatures drop significantly."

How long will the winter system last? "The rain will probably stop only on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday there may be local rain here and there. Shabbat will be cold and clear."

Betz was asked if the weather can already be predicted for Purim and answered: "I estimate that on Purim it will rain but it is still difficult to estimate how rainy it will be."

He also referred to the unique winter that the State of Israel is going through. "This year is special. The meteorological events are very extreme. Suddenly there is a huge amount of rain and then a 20-day break in the rain and then again a lot of heavy rain and snow. It happens not only in Israel or in our region but all over the world. What's happening in Moscow, New York, or what's happened in recent days in Athens or the heavy snow in Istanbul today and what will happen tonight in Cyprus - these are strong winter events in our area and in other areas. Extremism in the weather is what characterizes the current year."