Jerusalem launches it’s first major tourist project for 2021

Jerusalem is preparing to bring back tourism into the city after a year of Covid-19

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jerusalem Lights
Jerusalem Lights
Jerusalem Development Authority

Jerusalem is preparing to welcome back tourists once again in a healthy and safe manner. As a first Post-Covid step for the tourism field in Jerusalem, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism are planning a large event, focusing on health and safety. “Jerusalem - Follow the Lights” is a breathtaking and exciting project that restores light into these difficult COVID times, after months at home, isolation and lockdowns.

Until tourists from around the world can come to the city once again, they are invited to enjoy the unique project as if they were there. Starting from February 21st, they will be offered the opportunity to enjoy light, art, resilience, hope and excitement, and feel the atmosphere of one of the most special cities in the world, from the comfort of their homes. They will have the option to enter the “Follow the lights” site online, send greetings to their loved ones which will be displayed on the Cords Bridge that will become the biggest LED screen in Jerusalem, and have a chance to create exciting and personalized animations of their family driving through the Holy City.

Dozens of iconic landmarks will be illuminated and transformed into works of art, revealing hidden gems and offering new perspectives never seen before, all designed by Gil Teichman, the biggest light and event entrepreneur in Israel. The Artistic directors of the project are Meirav Eitan and Gaston Saár. Together with people from around the world who will enjoy the illuminated sites from their homes, visitors to the city will enjoy a tour through a brightly and colorfully illuminated Jerusalem from the comfort of their cars, while adhering to all public health regulations. They will also have the option to enjoy the city’s culinary scene by ordering dishes from restaurants and enjoying take-out food while touring Jerusalem.

The list of locations is stunning and includes world famous sites such as The Israel Museum that will give a glance at its collection and dozens of unique and priceless pieces of art and historical artefacts that will be transformed through digital technology, creating digital art that can be enjoyed in a completely new and exciting way. Other well-known sites are the Tower of David, YMCA and many more, presented in a new light and context.

Live streams of the broadcast from the Israel Museum and the tower of David will be provided on the Jerusalem Development Authority’s social media on Sunday, February 21st.