Snow in Jerusalem to start Wednesday evening

Snowfall expected Wednesday morning in northern Israel, but only towards evening in center and Jerusalem.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

אמבולנס מד"א בשלג
אמבולנס מד"א בשלג
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The snow predicted for Jerusalem may not begin until Wednesday evening, forecasters said.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, and during the afternoon hours, harsh southwestern winds will blow. In northern and central Israel, there will be rain and thunderstorms. Beginning on Tuesday evening, there may be haze in southern Israel.

On Tuesday night, northern and central Israel will see rain and storms. There may be light rainfall in the northern Negev, and there is some concern of flooding in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea areas. Towards morning, there will be snow on the higher mountain peaks in northern Israel and possibly in central Israel as well.

Wednesday, there will be intermittent rainfall and thunderstorms in northern Israel and along the coast. Snow will fall in the northern mountains. During the morning, there may be snowfall on central Israel's higher mountain peaks. There is a slight chance of flooding along the coast. Harsh winds will blow and there may be haze in southern Israel, along with local sandstorms. Temperatures will drop significantly.

Beginning on Wednesday afternoon, the rain will spread gradually towards central Israel. On Wednesday evening, snow will fall on the mountains in central Israel and Jerusalem. There may be flooding in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea streams.