Stormy weather expected - with snow in Jerusalem

Top meteorologist speaks with Arutz Sheva about upcoming storm: cold, rainy, and snow in the mountains.

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Snow in Jerusalem (illustrative)
Snow in Jerusalem (illustrative)
Hadas Parush/Flash90

Nahum Malik, Meteo-Tech's chief meteorologist, said that the storm expected to begin Tuesday may bring Israel enough rain to ensure that the country meets its annual average.

"This storm is expected to be the worst that we have seen this winter, and it will be strong in every aspect - strong winds, very large aounts of rain, and very low temperatures which will cause the snow that we are expecting," he said.

According to him, the snow will fall in lower areas as well: "Snowfall is expected to begin on Tuesday night in the higher mountains, and on Wednesday morning it will fall in lower areas as well - in the northern and central mountains - even at 700 meters altitude. The snow is expected to fall, therefore, not only in the north but also in Jerusalem and around it, and in Judea and Samaria. The first wave will be early Wednesday morning, and a more significant wave will be on Wednesday afternoon and evening, when there is a chance the snow may piled up."

Malik also noted that even though there have been many sunny days, Israel has also received quite a bit of rain.

"This is a very strange winter," he said. "The situation is good, and the amount of rain that has fallen until now has been above the annual average, and should have been reflected by now in the north and along the coast. That's despite the fact that there were a lot of long breaks between rains and many warm days."

How does this work? "The days that there was rain, it fell in very large quantities," he explained. "We are ahead of a serious rain, and the forecast is that by the end of the week, quite a few locations will have received rainfall equal to that of the entire winter, and it's important to remember that the winter isn't over yet. With regard to the amount of rain, we are in a good place - it just hasn't spread itself the way it usually does over a larger number of days."

When asked whether we can predict what the weather to be like over the Purim holiday, which falls at the end of the month, Malik said, "We see very sharp changes in the weather. We have seen dry days with temperatures above seasonal average, and now we're facing a big storm. We see a break in the rain over Shabbat (Saturday), and maybe more rain at the beginning of next week. It's very hard to know what will happen on Purim because the changes in the weather are so huge. On the Shabbat (Sabbath) before Purim there will be a break in the rain, and it seems that it will be less chilly and that it will be possible to pray outside."

Regarding whether there will be more storms before the winter's end, he said, "We are in the middle of the month of February, and from past experience, all of March could be completely wintry. There were years with large amounts of rain in the month of March, and even in the month of April, but there were times these months were hot and dry. So anything could still happen."