Towards a just and caring society

The true service of G-d: Anchoring the Eternal Torah in this physical world.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Basic Law
Basic Law

Just last week in the Torah portion of Yitro, we stood at Mount Sinai and witnessed the transcendent experience of the Giving of the Torah.

This week’s Torah portion of Mishpatim (Ordinances) is firmly anchored in this very physical world…but yet, it is a perfect continuation of the thunderous, Divine Sinai Revelation.

This portion contains 53 mitzvot, and features commandments that relate to the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the individual, as well as the individual as a member of society.

This week's Jerusalem Lights podcast focuses on how these commandments, very much about infusing everyday life with moral standards and a proper system for human interaction, are an expression of G-d’s will for a just, caring society.

Fulling the Divine commandments in every situation fills the world with the light of G-d’s presence. G-d’s intention is for Israel to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai, and become a nation who lives with G-d in its midst, to be an example to the world.