R' Yaakov Hillel broke down in tears

After regaining his composure, he made a passionate promise to the woman.

Vaad Harabanim ,

My mother passed away from cancer.
My mother passed away from cancer.
Vaad Harabanim

A behind-the-scenes conversation involving none other than the popular Rabbi Yaakov Hillel was recently exposed. A dormitory counselor from a school in Jerusalem timidly approached the rabbi on behalf of a girl named Chava who currently lives in the school dorms. She read a letter to the rabbi written by the girl herself. Halfway into the letter, R' Hillel broke down into tears.

“When I was 13 years old, my mother passed away from cancer. We thought we would never heal from the pain. Then at 17, my father passed away too. I went to live in a dormitory for orphans, and learned to get by on my own. It was a rough place. Now I am engaged! But I am feeling the loss of my parents more than ever. On my own I don’t know where to start. My fiance is an orphan too.”

R’ Yaakov Hillel was moved by Chava's story, by the girl that has survived heartbreak and is so close to getting started on a new chapter in life. After regaining his composure, he made a passionate promise to the woman: He will personally take time to pray with fervor for every single individual who steps in to contribute towards Chava’s wedding fund. He consequently wrote the following:

"They are getting married after living the hard and bitter lives of orphans, and it is a great deed to help these orphans build a true Jewish home. G-d-willing, I will pray for all those who donate the sum of 290 ILS ($88) towards the necessities of getting married.

"The Father of all orphans will repay you, you should be saved from all illness and hardship, you should have abundant wealth and all your requests should be fulfilled for the good. You should merit to raise all your children with health and joy, and bring them to their wedding and good deeds, amen.

Yaakov Hillel”

With enough donations, Chava can have the support she needs to make a modest wedding, food for the ceremony, and basic furnishing for her apartment. Right now, they may not have their parents, but you can be like family. Click here to donate.