Watch: Why a video of this religious kid is making headlines

None of the institutions his parents tried sending him to understood how to “deal” with him properly.

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For learining disability
For learining disability
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What makes this short clip below so beautiful isn’t the sweet purity of little Meir; it’s the jaw-dropping reason it was filmed. Continue reading below for a story that will amaze you:

Meir is a six-year old with special needs. For a few miserable months, the poor kid was switched from school to school. None of the institutions his parents tried sending him to understood how to “deal” with him properly. As a result, Meir was becoming more and more withdrawn.

Then, Meir was admitted into Sulam, one of the leading schools for children with special needs and learning disabilities in Israel. And everything changed. The caring staff at Sulam combined with ground-breaking education technology helped Meir open up, and gave him the confidence and skills he needed to grow into the capable young boy that he is now becoming; It is changing his life.

This past year, Sulam integrated ipads as a part of their educational system. Many parents were at first reluctant towards using technology as a form of educating their child. But then, they were all stunned to see the mind-blowing results that they were witnessing.

“Since they started using them, it’s been transforming my son. He’s learning how to communicate with the outside world and how to express himself beautifully. It’s been a life-changing experience. Without these tablets, my son would never have grown to be the capable and independent boy that he is miraculously transforming into,” says one parent.

These tablets are making a difference in children's lives. But without urgent assistance, Sulam won’t be able to supply enough tablets for their many students in demand this upcoming year. PLEASE DONATE AN IPAD HERE so that G-d-willing, Sulam will be able to continue doing what they do best: Changing the lives of our future generation, and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.