Sa'ar: The government's attitude to education is degrading

New Hope chairman blasts plan to reopen schools which does not include most age groups.

Ben Ariel ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Oded Karni

New Hope chairman Gideon Sa’ar on Tuesday criticized the plan to reopen schools that had been approved by the Coronavirus Cabinet.

"The government's attitude towards education, our children and us parents is humiliating and degrading. The very fact that there is no transparency or reporting to the public, they say 'maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow' - and until now it is not clear what will open, it is unbearable," Sa’ar told Channel 13 News in an interview.

He mentioned that even in the new outline, no reference was made to students in grades five through ten. "These are students who have been ignored for an entire year. It is inconceivable that there is a plan that does not give them a horizon - they make up half of the education system. It makes no sense that there is no plan for half of the education system that has been sitting at home for almost a whole year. It does not make sense."

Sa’ar also commented to the decline his party has experienced in recent polls. "Every poll published shows that the public thinks there is one person who is, head to head, really close to Netanyahu, in being suitable to serve as Prime Minister - and that is me. In the end, the public will decide who is suitable to serve as Prime Minister, who can form a government and who will be the Prime Minister of everyone."