Fines raised for flouting guidelines

The Knesset has drastically increased the fines for those opening in defiance of the lockdown.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

enforcing lockdown
enforcing lockdown
Police spokesperson

The government voted on Thursday afternoon increase the fines to be handed out by police to citizens, institutions and business owners who violate public health guidelines.

According to the new regulations approved by the government, the operation of a business or place open to the public in violation of the guidelines will be fined as follows:

-Up to 100 meters square - NIS 5,000

-Up to100 to 500 meters square - NIS 7,500

-More than 500 meters - 10,000 NIS

A prohibited event with a higher number of participants than allowed will be fined as follows:

Open space - NIS 5,000

Closed area - 10,000 NIS

It was also decided to increase the fines against unsanctioned educational institutions:

Up to 35 students - NIS 5,000

Beyond 35 students - 10,000 NIS

The new regulations will take effect within 24 hours.