All They Could Say Was “Who Is Like Our Nation!”

by now many readers can recognize Estee Kornblit. The girl who survived her own fundraising mission to get married.

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The Kornblit Family
The Kornblit Family
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

By now, many readers can instantly recognize the face of Estee Kornblit, the girl who against all odds has survived adversity and is spearheading her own fundraising mission to get married. Estee grew up in a family with health and financial difficulties, and she was bullied in school for years. Today, she has come out on the other side and with an honesty and maturity beyond her years, she wrote a moving fundraising letter that has touched many of our readers. Her parents have written this mind-blowing letter which they requested to be publicized in several Jewish publications and with their permission, we have posted it here:


We are at a loss for words. Every parent would give their child the world if they could, and knowing that we had no capability whatsoever to help Estee get married simply broke our hearts. We knew all too well how much she had been through, and we saw how thrilled she was to find such a gentle, warm, and special guy to be her husband. But with no money on our side or theirs, we had no choice but to put the wedding plans on hold.

Then, the donations started to come in. Every day, our whole family watched Estee’s fundraising page with anticipation, exploding into cheers every time we saw yet another donation. It didn’t matter if it was $1 or $200...The fact was that people were seeing Estee. People were doing whatever they could to help.

All we can say is--Who is like our nation!!! Jewish people, you are amazing! We are thankful, we are awed, and we are humbled. Thank you for your kindness-- We will never, ever, ever forget what you are doing for our daughter! Hashem should see the good hearts that so many of his children have, and He should bring the final redemption very soon!

Forever grateful,

Dov and Devorah Kornblit

As Estee and Moshe’s wedding date approaches, the couple are still missing many things they need to start their new life with dignity. Donations can be directly made here for a limited time.