Are deliveries to Israel affected by closure of Ben Gurion Airport?

Cargo flights continue, but passenger flights were canceled: Have the changes affected delivery of merchandise to Israel?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shipping packages
Shipping packages

Following Israel's closure of Ben Gurion International Airport, the delivery times for orders from abroad have not been significantly affected - but if the closure continues, the disruption may be significant, Israel Hayom reported

Meanwhile, cargo flights are still operating, and Israel Post has said that as of now, there are no delays, and the only question is how long the closure will last.

However, according to Benny Buchnik, who founded the Hebrew-language Facebook group "I want something like this," said that many flights which were supposed to be loaded with merchandise have been canceled and the cargo is now waiting to fly. He added that DHL and IHERB have not been affected, but some deliveries from Amazon have been.

He also said that prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, 40% of merchandise was sent on dedicated cargo flights, while 60% was loaded under passenger flights.

Asos has said that their delivery times are not expected to be affected past the standard two-day delay, and their two-day express delivery remains unaffected. Next has said that their delivery times are not expected to be affected by the closures.