Huldai to Nissenkorn: I'm not quitting

HaYisraelim party chairman responds to Nissenkorn's departure from the political arena

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

רון חולדאי
רון חולדאי
צילום: מרים אלסטר, פלאש 90

Tonight (Sunday), the chairman of the HaYisraelim Party, Ron Huldai, responded to Avi Nissenkorn's decision to retire from political life and not run for the Knesset on a list headed by Huldai.

"The reality of the last few days has taught me a lesson that we should all internalize: do not indulge in momentary leads. Don't trade away seats. Don't bet against the electoral threshold. focus on getting into the government."

Huldai called for uniting the left-wing parties in order to overthrow the right-wing government. "The way to change the government involves political confrontation even within the camp that is interested in replacing Netanyahu. One large party should be organized, or at most two medium-sized parties. I call on all my friends in the center-left camp - let's do the right thing, there is only one way to win - together. "

As mentioned, former Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn informed Ron Huldai of his decision to take a time-out from political life, a few weeks after joining his party.

Former Minister Avi Nissenkorn published a post in which he explained his decision: "I have been a public figure for a long time. I am taking a time-out today. In all my public positions, I stood by my values ​​and fought for them. As Minister of Justice and a Member of the Knesset, I prevented serious damage to the independence of the gatekeepers and the status of judges. I prevented dangerous politicization of the legal system. Even when the struggle involved a personal cost, I did not deviate from the path and did not bend in the face of attempts to sabotage and weaken the foundations of the rule of law."

"At the same time, in many decisions as Minister of Justice, I also strengthened the rights of the individual and the citizen. I fought discrimination and racism, I promoted gender equality, the rights of the proud community and equality among all Israeli citizens," he added.

He said, "Even in my previous position as chairman of the Histadrut, I put value considerations at the top of my priorities. I fought and brought about achievements in order to reduce gaps in the company - raising the minimum wage by NIS 1,000, improving disability and nursing benefits, reducing the number of contractor workers and improving their rights, shortening the work week, integrating people with disabilities and more."

"The choice to join the Israelis party was ideological in order to promote the same values," Nissenkorn stressed. I appreciate Ron Huldai and all the candidates on the Israelis list. However, when the camp needs connections to survive, and there are many parties and candidates, it is also good to know how to step aside and take a break. That is what I do today."

"I will continue to assist as much as I can in the fight against corruption, division and incitement, and for the sake of a social economy and a stable democracy," Nissenkorn concluded..