The spirit of Amalek that rises up against Israel

The suspension of illusion: Walking through the sea towards our eternal destiny.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Parting of the Red Sea
Parting of the Red Sea

With Pharaoh and the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, the Children of Israel face the Sea of Reeds in this week’s Torah portion of B’shalach.

Walking through the water that had miraculously split before them, the Israelites experienced the great saving of Hashem, and collectively rose – man, woman and (even the as-yet unborn) child, to the highest level of revelation.

This prophetic illumination resulted in the entire nation bursting forth with the very special ‘Song of the Sea.’

This song sums up their experience as a clear vision of the true nature of reality…they understood that this event was not an exception to the rule, not the temporary suspension of reality—but the suspension of the illusion of this world.

This week’s episode of the Jerusalem Lights podcast explores the depth and beauty of this seminal event in history as described in this week’ Torah portion and in the teachings of the Sages of Israel. Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman also connect the portion’s theme of faith in G-d to the events transpiring currently in our tumultuous world.