Hallucinations, Sobbing, Rage: One Family’s Terrifying 'Normal'

Neighbors often complain of screaming, crying, and other loud sounds coming from their door.

Vaad Harabanim ,

Help the family
Help the family
Vaad harabanim

Teachers at a Jerusalem school began to be concerned about children from the ‘Cohen’ family, as they arrived at school in increasingly tattered and mismatched clothing.

When one seven-year-old girl came with only bread for her lunch, her teacher decided it was time to intervene. After contacting the principal, however, she was told that the family’s situation was no secret: Rav Tzadka, Rosh Kollel of Yeshivat Porat Yosef, as well as several other therapists, doctors, and rabbanim were involved.

Rabbi Cohen, a father to a large family of children, was highly regarded in his yeshiva as a Torah scholar and kind face. At home, however, his family suffered in chaos. Several children in the family are suffering from severe mental illnesses, and neighbors often complain of screaming, crying, and other loud sounds coming from their door.

The Cohens are at a loss as to how to cope, and the parents have been unable to work consistently. Due to their lack of income, they can’t afford the tuition, therapy, medication, or even food and clothing that could give their children functional lives.

As far as Rav Tzadka is concerned, their lives are in danger.

The Rav released a video message this morning in which he pleads with viewers to help this family. With the help they need, they could thrive and function like any other.

Despite the lasting stigma, mental illness is not uncommon in today’s society. When it is addressed and properly dealt with, individuals can learn to flourish. Without help, however, Rav Tzadka feels the Cohen children are doomed to wind up on the streets, disillusioned with Judaism and the ‘system,’ and will be drawn to physical danger as well. As long as the Cohen parents spend their full days coping with their dysfunctional children, their healthy kids will continue to lack what they need to be safe and cared for as well.

Donors can join Rav Tzadka here in saving the Cohen family’s lives, and receive his powerful and heartfelt blessing for success, and safety from suffering.