State to fund single flight per day

With the closure of Ben-Gurion airport, the state has introduced a single flight per day for Israelis approved to leave the country.

Shlomo Witty ,

צילום: Avshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

Kan reported this morning that Israel will subsidize one daily flight out of Israel for Israelis who are allowed to leave the country, within the exceptions set forth in the lockdown regulations or with the approval of the Exceptions Committee.

This flight will be to a major destination in Europe, probably Germany or France, from which there are connecting flights to many destinations. According to the agreement, the state will conduct a bidding process between the three Israeli airlines and one of them will be chosen to operate the flight in question.

According to a report by journalist Liel Kaiser, the state will undertake to bear the cost of the flight, which is estimated at $20,000 one way, from which a sum of about $ 300 will be deducted for each ticket the company can sell, such that a full flight will not cost the state at all.

The Ministry of Health reported this morning (Wednesday) a decrease in the number of verified coronavirus patients in the last day, which stood at 7,737 Israelis. On this day, results of 83,367 tests were obtained, which leaves the percentage of positive tests relatively high at a rate of 9.6%.

The total number of people infected since the onset of the coronavirus in Israel is 617,168 people and the number of verified cases as of this morning is 76,708.

Coronavirus hotels hold 1,402 patients and 1,787 people are hospitalized. 1,141 people are severely ill, of whom 393 are in critical condition and 311 are intubated. The number of deaths since the outbreak of the plague continues to rise and has reached 4513.

At the same time, the number of people getting vaccinated against the virus is increasing steadily; 2,768,202 received the first dose of the vaccine and 1,377,803 have had both shots

Sources in the Ministry of Health report that if the number of severely ill patients holds at their present levels, the lockdown will need to be extended again.

"It is impossible to get out of the lockdown with 1,200 patients in serious condition. We need to wait until after the mass vaccination begins to take effect.”

The Knesset plenum is expected to vote today on extending the lockdown. Blue and White in particular is expected to resist the motion.