Soldier: I hit the terrorist with my rifle when he tried to stab me

Corporal L recounts fight with terrorist who attempted to stab her before he was killed by her commanding officer.

Kobi Finkler/Arutz Sheva ,

Corporal L
Corporal L
IDF Spokesperson

Corporal L, the soldier who was targeted by a terrorist with a knife at the Giti Junction on Route 5 Tuesday morning, described the attack and how the terrorist was eliminated before he could harm her.

Corporal L recounted: "The terrorist attacked me and my commander. I pushed him away and hit him with my rifle several times. He went to my commander and came back with a knife in his hand and tried to stab us several times."

"My commander fired a bullet at him and killed him," she added, noting, "that's what all the training was preparing us for and that's what we're always ready for."

Her commander, Sergeant Y., noted, "I noticed a man who was advancing towards the junction, he arrived and started attacking the female soldier who was with me. The soldier immediately hit him several times with her rifle, he came very close to her. I immediately readied my weapon and fired one bullet at the terrorist. We continued to hit him with our guns. I kicked the knife from him, and I made sure that he was neutralized and did not pose a threat or danger to either my force or the civilians."