25% of haredim won't back haredi parties in upcoming election

Half of haredi voters say they plan to vote for UTJ, with one quarter voting for Shas. Another 25% say they're still undecided.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

UTJ campaign event in 2020
UTJ campaign event in 2020
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A quarter of haredi voters say they won’t back the two main haredi factions in the Knesset in the upcoming election, a new poll released Tuesday has found.

According to the poll, which was conducted by the Askaria agency, polling 527 residents of haredi towns and neighborhoods between January 13th and the 18th, half of haredi voters say they plan to back United Torah Judaism in the upcoming election.

A further 25% of haredi voters say they will vote for the Shas party.

The remaining 25% of haredi voters are either not sure if they will vote, or are planning to vote for one of the non-haredi factions.

Despite the large number of haredi voters who say they won’t back haredi parties, UTJ still receives more than seven seats-worth of votes from the haredi sector, while Shas receives roughly four seats-worth, with its remaining three-to-four seats coming from non-haredi voters.

The poll also surveyed the work habits of haredi men, finding that just over one-third (36.2%) of married haredi men study in yeshiva full-time. A further 20.5% work in some religious (“Torah-oriented”) occupation, while 43.3% of men work in some other occupation.