Is Clarity Really The Biggest Blessing?

She truly knew in her gut that Moshe was her soulmate, and she felt a clarity that she hadn’t in years.

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Estee Kornblit
Estee Kornblit
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

When Estee Kornblit became engaged, it felt like a weight had been lifted, and something in her was set free. She truly knew in her gut that Moshe was her soulmate, and she felt a clarity that she hadn’t in years.

Though clarity is a blessing, it doesn’t negate the stress that a young bride feels when her family can’t give the kind of support that she really needs. Estee is one of seven children, two of whom have severe medical issues. Her mother is handicapped, leaving all the weight on her father’s shoulders.

Estee explains that she is used to persevering through tough times. When she was younger, she was teased incessantly by peers at school regarding her sick brothers and mother who looked different. Incredibly, the girl has survived the toughest times and with the help of what she describes as “some really caring individuals”, she has moved on and turned into a happier and stronger person. Her story has given her the tools and understanding she needs to be a remarkable teacher for special needs children.

But more recently, when Estee should be looking forward to her upcoming wedding, all she feels is fear. Although she works hard to earn money, it isn’t nearly enough to pay for the things a young girl needs to get married and start her life. Her father, who pays for medical treatments on a monthly basis on his lone income, simply cannot give her the help that only a father wishes he could.

“Now that my wedding is coming up, it reminds me of that little girl, being teased for being different,” says Estee.

“I don’t even know if there will even be a wedding. I don’t know if there will be basic things people take for granted like a fridge, a washing machine, or chairs. Our wedding is coming up soon, but right now we are more worried than excited—We simply are stuck.”

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