Arab MK: We will sweep our cities clean of Zionist parties

The newly elected head of Balad opened his tenure with a number of controversial opinions on Twitter.

Shlomo Witty ,

ח"כ סמי אבו שחאדה
ח"כ סמי אבו שחאדה
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MK Sami Abu Shehadeh was elected head of Balad yesterday (Saturday). Today, Abu Shehadeh took to Twitter, causing a stir among users.

Abu Shehadeh wrote: "I won Balad’s primaries yesterday. I would like to thank first and foremost my friends and colleague, Matanas Shehadeh, the outgoing chairman, for their loyal partnership with Balad and the values ​​of Balad.”

"We are now faced with the challenge of sweeping our cities lean of the Zionist parties, and for a faithful representation of the interests of our public," added Abu Shehadeh, who is considered more radical than his predecessor.

Many users took issue with the call to "sweep" the Zionist parties. Nehemiah Gershuni-Ayahu asked if he meant to sweep the aforementioned parties into the sea, and asked MK Shahadeh to clarify what he meant by ‘our cities’, especially as his own is one of mixed demographics.

Arabic-language users also came out against his words, claiming that extremist views and actions were contrary to the Arabic public’s interests.