What any smart businessman will tell you about the ‘Gedolim’

No matter the age, the culture, or the income, no one is immune to financial pressure.

Vaad Harabanim ,

Shtar Parnasah
Shtar Parnasah
צילום: ועד הרבנים

No matter the age, the culture, or the income, no one is immune to financial pressure. You know what you want to get - but have you thought about what you’re giving?

This is the main question behind the segulah of reciting Parshat HaMon, a prayer said during this parsha each year for financial security. In a way, it is an expression of humility: Admitting that at the end of the day, money comes from God, and not just from our actions.

As always, those who are the most humble are those who have the most reason to be prideful: The spiritual leaders of our generation. In just hours, a group of the biggest rabbis in the Jewish World will gather to say Parshat HaMon at the grave of Rabbi Yehuda Bar Ilai. They are taking time out of their extremely hectic schedules to gather on behalf of an extremely important cause: The poor of the Jewish community. A fund has been opened with Vaad HaRabbanim to help families in Israel who are struggling to pay their most basic bills. All those who donate to help these families will be prayed for by name during the recitation of Parshat HaMon with the “Gedolei HaDor.”

As any businessman will tell you, it’s good to have a business deal in writing. That’s why the gedolim will also sign a written agreement they are referring to as the ‘Shtar HaParnassah.’ The shtar (document) will contain the blessing to all donors for financial success and will be signed by all the rabbis present. A physical copy will be sent, as a written reminder of their partnership.

Right now the tides of the world are turning: We find ourselves at the last chapter of a world crisis, at the beginning of a new wave of political power, and as much awareness as ever that our security comes from Above. Donors can rest assured that they are doing something truly good: Joining with the Jewish community’s leaders, helping those who have been devastated by the financial crisis, and investing in their own family’s financial future.