Biden to Mexican president: I will stop 'draconian' Trump immigration policy

New president says he wants to expand options for legal immigration and asylum seeking in the US.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden pledged to reverse the Trump Administration's “draconian” immigration policies in a conversation with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Friday.

According to an account of the call which was released by the White House on Saturday, Biden said that he would work to expand the legal options for immigration as well as ease the process of applying for asylum in the US.

Biden and Obrador agreed to work together to reduce "irregular migration."

Obrador said the call was "pleasant and respectful" in a post to Twitter.

On Wednesday, immediately after his inauguration, Biden signed a wave of executive orders undoing many of the Trump Administration's policies, including repealing a ban on travel from several Muslim-majority countries and stopping construction of the southern border wall which was meant to keep out illegal immigrants,

Last week, a caravan of 8,000 migrants from Honduras was stopped by Guatemalan forces after entering Guatemala on their way to illegally enter the US,