Significant decrease in verified COVID cases among haredim

A significant decrease of 25 percent in verified cases of the virus in the haredi sector was recorded over Shabbat.

Ben Shaul ,

Israel Police spokesperson

Over Shabbat, 90 teams from ZAKA Israel and ZAKA Tel Aviv worked to locate 3,700 new verified coronavirus carriers in the haredi sector throughout Israel.

As part of the search operation, close to 20,000 people were placed in isolation. The verified patients were instructed to remain in isolation and to contact their health maintenance organizations at the conclusion of Shabbat.

In Jerusalem, a decrease of 30% in the number of verified cases was recorded, in Bnei Brak there was a decrease of 5%, Modi'in Illit saw a decrease of 23%, Beit Shemesh a decrease of 20%, Beitar Illit a decrease of 50%, and Elad saw a decrease of 20%.

Attorney Mu'awiya Kabha, the coordinator of the location of coronavirus carriers in the haredi sector at the Ministry of Health, said, "As part of the cooperation between the Ministry of Health, representatives of the HMOs, the Ministry of Defense, and volunteers from ZAKA Israel and ZAKA Tel Aviv, about 3,700 new verified cases were located and about 20,000 people were instructed to go into isolation. Locating patients during Shabbat interrupts the chain of infection and prevents the spread of the disease."

"The successful vaccination campaign in the State of Israel, the lockdown and restrictions and the observance of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health lead to a decrease in morbidity at the national level and in the haredi sector as can be seen in the decrease in the new numbers of verified cases during the Sabbath. I welcome the significant decrease during this past Shabbat compared to last week in the haredi sector and call on everyone to get vaccinated and follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health,” he added.