Are we slaves to time, or masters of time?

Time to leave the hopelessness of exile: A lesson for our time.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Are We Slaves to Time, or Masters of Time?
Are We Slaves to Time, or Masters of Time?

This week’s Torah portion of parashat Bo features the final three of the ten plagues: locusts, darkness and the slaying of the firstborn.

It also contains the commandments of the Passover offering, and Rosh Chodesh, the sanctification of the New Moon, which is the foundation of the Hebrew calendar.

In this week’s edition of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, our hosts explore the authentic Torah concept of time, and the opportunity that is given to us – through the sanctification of time – to rise above the debilitating despair that Egyptian exile represents and to become truly free.

In a callout to all who love the G-d of Israel, Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman relate to today’s headlines through the Torah portion and focus on the parallels between ‘the narrow place’ of our forefathers’ bondage in ancient Egypt, and our own contemporary reality.

Or is it reality? Jim Long continues to elucidate us with his amazing knowledge of ancient Egyptian texts that plainly relate details of the Exodus experience.