Gantz: No reason to postpone election

Defense minister demands COVID enforcement be directed to areas where morbidity is high, rejects possibility of postponing Knesset election.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Flash 90

Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) on Thursday morning, addressed in an interview with Reshet Bet the possibility that Biden's new government will seek to return to the nuclear agreement with Iran promoted by the Obama administration.

"I don't know if there will be a dispute," Gantz said. "I know that the Americans really want Iran not to become a country with a nuclear capability. It must not reach a nuclear capability and everything must be done to ensure that."

Gantz was later asked about the controversy over enforcement of coronavirus restrictions and the issue of fines and replied, "This issue is critical and these things need to be adhered to."

He said, "The police and the Public Security Ministry should direct enforcement to places where morbidity is high and indiscipline is high."

In the interview, Gantz expressed opposition to the possibility that the election would be postponed because of the coronavirus. "I hope that given the current situation of the coronavirus and the fact that it will be in the future, it will be possible to hold the election."

"We need to have the democratic process, this is not a war in which missiles are fired. This is a scenario we know how to deal with. If we were talking about the great America then it seems to me that even Lincoln did not postpone the election despite the civil war."

"I do not see the need to postpone the election and we will of course monitor things. Elections are the law of democracy, the culmination of democratic expression. They must be allowed to be held," he stressed.