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Awesome Gifts for your Best Friends

Many of us have learned to celebrate occasions with our nearest and dearest who we live with and those who live at a distance.

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Many of us have learned to celebrate occasions with our nearest and dearest who we live with and those who live at a distance, with technology taking a huge part in making this as simple as possible. With our best friends, many of us are making more efforts to find gifts we know they will appreciate. Here are seven awesome gifts to express how much you care about them, including small surprises that show how well you know them.

Flowers to brighten their day

Flowers are awesome gifts that brighten the day or mark a significant occasion. From romantic red roses on Valentine’s day or a yellow rose to celebrate your friendship, you can make this gift even more special with a rose from eternityrose.com which will last a lifetime. If you want a Mother’s Day gift, buy a different colour each year so that a growing bouquet can make her room beautiful not just with vibrant hues, but also the emotion behind each one.

Gift boxes

Send a gift box that caters perfectly to their hobbies and interests. These are perfect gifts for every occasion, whether its congratulations for a new home with a piece of home décor that suits their style, a new mum’s box of goodies or a subscription for craft beers or a specialist magazine to be delivered each month for the next year.

Friendship photo frame

If distance is keeping you apart from your best friend, choose the best photo of the two of you taken in the last year and have this framed twice. Once for your gift to them and one to hang in your home as a sentimental reminder of good times until you meet again.

Snacks from home

If your best friend is currently living in a country that is not where they grew up, put together a smorgasbord of snacks from home. For those who grew up in Australia, this could include Vegemite and a packet of Tam-tams, whilst someone from Poland might appreciate a bottle of vodka together with kefir for the hangover cure. You could also treat your best buddy with a cheeseboard or snack box delivery service.

Gift a streaming bundle

Whilst global sporting events are back on the agenda and trips to Disney are now possible for some, gift a streaming service bundle your best friend can enjoy. Combine Disney Plus, ESPN+ or other combinations that will suit them and their family. Choose an ad-free bundle to make the gift extra special.

Masterclass online

For the budding artist in any field, gift an online course where they learn from the masters. You can choose a single masterclass, such as photography by US portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz, a course in electronic music production by deadmau5 and a cookery course by Gordon Ramsey. If you are unsure, gift an All-Access pass so they can make the choice themselves.

A library of books

The next time you go on holiday with your best friend, gift an Amazon Kindle so they do not have to choose which books to take to read by the pool. With the Kindle app, books can be read on any iOS device, Android, Mac, or PC, so there's no need to open the door for a physical Kindle.