The making of a pro-Israel activist

Eitan Behar combats anti-Semitism. His first lesson in activism was at the age of 15.

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Eitan Behar
Eitan Behar

Eitan Ori Behar's grandparents are from Turkey, but they descended from Jews who chose to leave Spain rather than pretend to be Christians in the 15th century.

That same fighting spirit thrives within Eitan himself. Brought up in a traditional home, he spent his childhood afternoons in the synagogue rather than playing soccer with his friends.

At the age of 15, he fought for the right to write "With the Help of G-d" at the top of his exam when his secular teacher crossed it out.

His fight brought him all the way to the Knesset, and ended in victory. This taught Eitan a lesson in the power of activism.

His main message: Do not remain silent in the face of injustice.