Health Minister: We will need more life support machines if we don't vaccinate inmates

Minister Edelstein says Prison Service will begin to provide vaccines to inmates next week, guidelines must be followed.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hands of prisoner in jail
Hands of prisoner in jail

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein addressed the controversy surrounding the vaccination of prisoners against the coronavirus as he and Prime Minister Netanyahu attended the vaccination of the two millionth Israeli Thursday evening.

"Next week, the vaccinations will be transferred to the Prison Service. We are following all the guidelines of the Priority Committee, both when we like or dislike it. Everyone must be vaccinated. If there is a prisoner who is not vaccinated [and contracts the disease], then we will have to spend for him to have a medical staff, an ecmo device, life support, ect," Edelstein stated.

The two millionth person to be vaccinated was Margaret El Soso, an assistant at a kindergarten in the city of Ramla. The vaccination took place at the Maccabi Health Services vaccination center in Ramla.