A terrible accident almost killed him. Here is how he survived.

He was severely injured in both legs and left incapacitated.

Vaad HaRabbanim ,

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R’ Zusha Horowitz released an urgent video message just this morning. The Rabbi of Israeli cities Elad and Ramot who spoke at the siyum hashas (celebration of the completion of the Daf Yomi program) for R’ Chaim Kanievsky speaks directly on behalf of a personal friend of his who wishes to remain anonymous. The friend, who is a father of four, was climbing a ladder to help a neighbor fix something when he fell. Both his legs are severely injured and he was left incapacitated.

As R’ Horowitz describes in the video, the man is in dire need of treatment to save his legs. Without it, not only will he lose his ability to walk; He will lose the ability to provide support for his four little ones at home. With a sickly wife and two children who require expensive medication, their lives depend directly on his recovery.

R’ Zusha Horowitz’s passionate words in the video: (Watch the full clip here)

“It is truly a matter of saving lives….We cannot just stand by! Please open your hearts! To help with saving lives, a true matter of saving lives ! May G-d bless you that in your house You will not have broken legs or broken bodies, or sickness. Only healthy children! With joy from all your children. All the blessings written in the Torah. ”

R’ Yaakov Meir Shechter is involved with the case as well and has written a note of approbation on his behalf. To save this family in a case of life or death, and to receive R' Horowitz’s powerful blessing for only healthy children that bring joy, click here.