Ambassador Friedman meets terror victims, bereaved families

Bereaved families ask US Ambassador to convey their thanks to President Trump for cutting funding for PA over its terror payments.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ambassador Friedman meets families of terror victims
Ambassador Friedman meets families of terror victims
US Embassy, Jerusalem

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman met Wednesday with Israeli victims of terrorism and bereaved families a few days before he is due to step down with the change in the American administration.

The bereaved families, members of the 'choose Life' forum, thanked Ambassador Friedman and US President Donald Trump for the outgoing administration's warm friendship with Israel, recognition of the Jewish people's rights in the land of Israel, and the relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem.

The families also asked Friedman to thank Trump for his contribution to the fight against terrorism in Israel and the Middle East and for stopping the funding of the Palestinian Authority in light of the PA's payments to terrorists,

"We who are familiar with the immense pain of losing our loved ones in these attacks can appreciate how much pain has been spared from other families by the clear statement of the Trump administration that it will not agree to the Palestinian Authority's support for terrorism," the families said.

During the meeting, the ambassador said that he supports the families' struggle to increase Israel's security deterrence and emphasized that for him this is a mission. Friedman received a gift from the bereaved parents - a Bible and a picture of a tree planted on a stream of water with the caption "Everyone who saves one soul is as if he saved an entire world."