Tens of protesters near PM's residence, nine arrested

Torch-bearing crowds made their way to the Prime Minister's residence in the early morning.

Shlomo Witty ,

Anti-Netanyahu protest. Archive
Anti-Netanyahu protest. Archive
Hezki Baruch

Dozens of left-wing activists arrived at the prime minister's residence early this morning to confront police stationed there.

The protest was, according to the protesters, in opposition of the postponement of the hearing in Netanyahu's trial, which was supposed to take place today (Wednesday), and was postponed due to the lockdown. Nine of the protesters were arrested.

The police said that "The road from Paris Square to Ramban Street was blocked on account of a large procession, some of whom are carrying torches and disturbing the peace. Police forces are working to restore order ". Demonstrators carried torches and waved signs reading "Will the accused please rise" and "coward, go to trial". The crowd chanted various slogans, read portions of the indictment against the Prime Minister, and presented the docket from the Jerusalem court.

Despite the early hour, the organizers of the demonstration note that there was a particularly firm police response, and claimed that it was on account of a false report from last week about attempts to storm the PM's residence.

An organization calling itself the "Crime Minister Movement" said to BeHadrei Haredim: "We arrived this morning to remind the accused that he cannot continue to evade trial. If he will not be brought to court on charges, we will bring the charges against him to his door."