She Saved The Girl’s Life. She Only Discovered Later That They Were Sisters.

She looked down, and saw a growing pool of blood. Then, everything went black.

Vaad Harabanim ,

Vaad HaRabbanim

Sunday, 6:37 AM:

Sara Goodman checked the time once again, mindlessly drumming her fingers on the console as she. 6:37 AM. She saw the long line of cars in front of her. Was there some kind of accident? She was definitely going to be late to work.

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Sunday, 6:40 AM:

Miri’s head felt heavy. Her entire world exploded with agony. Pain blinded all thought, removed her from all reality. Where was she? Who was screaming? She looked down, and saw a growing pool of blood. Then, everything went black.

Sunday, 6:41 AM:

Sara hung up with her boss and sat in the car, staring into space. She could hear the wail of sirens growing closer. It must have been an accident. She might as well pray for whoever was in the accident. It couldn’t hurt. She reached into her bag and pulled out her fraying Book of Psalms.

Sunday, 6:46 AM:

Miri was floating. She felt lighter than ever. She was high up, looking down at an overturned car. Miri recognized her own motionless body down there slumped on a stretcher, swimming in a pool of blood. Tiny black dots were gracefully swirling around her body. As they began to float up, she started to make out what they were. They were hundreds of words from the Book of Psalms.

Sunday, 6:48 AM:

Miri gasped, taking a glorious gulp of air. She was on a stretcher, surrounded by EMT’s who stared at her in utter shock. “She came back to life!” one of them shouted.

When Sara’s sister called her later that day to tell her that she survived a terrible accident, she was in shock. But when she heard the strange story how the letters of Psalms brought her back to life, Sara broke down in sobs. It was then that she realized her prayers saved her sister’s life.

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