White House lowers flag to half-staff in memory of fallen officers

White House lowers US flag to half-staff in honor of two police officers who died during riots at Capitol building.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

White House
White House

The White House lowered its US flag to half-staff on Sunday in honor of two police officers who died during the riots at the Capitol building this past Wednesday, Bloomberg reports.

US President Donald Trump later issued a proclamation directing that flags be lowered at all embassies, consular offices and US facilities abroad, including military facilities and naval vessels.

He called the action “a sign of respect for the service and sacrifice” of Capitol Police officers Brian Sicknick, who died on Thursday, and Howard Liebengood, whose death was announced on Sunday, as well as “all Capitol Police Officers and law enforcement across this great Nation.”

Trump had faced calls from lawmakers from both parties to take the step in honor of Sicknick. The President made the decision independently, not because of pressure from advisers, a person familiar with the matter said, according to Bloomberg.

The White House flag was lowered in early afternoon.