Coronavirus Czar praises lockdown and vaccination program

Prof. Nachman Ash alims that current measures are stalling the virus's spread

Shlomo Witty ,

פרופ' נחמן אש
פרופ' נחמן אש
צילום: דפנה גזית

Coronavirus Czar Prof. Nachman Ash gave a cautiously optimistic media breifing this afternoon on the effects of both the lockdown and the vaccination program.

"There is some cause for optimism," he stated. "The graph indicating the disease's spread is more a gentle curve than an exponential jump, and I believe the lockdown and vaccination program are having a greater effect than the last lockdown attempted."

Prof. Ash noted that the Ministry of Health intends to administer as many as 200,000 vaccines a day, and made mention of a new factor to keep in mind, the recently discovered mutations.

"There are now two known mutations. The British mutation has in all likelihood been here for some weeks by now. There is no way to know for certain, but our rough estimate is that as much as twenty percent of the population may have contracted that mutation."