Vaccination campaign targets elderly haredim

High demand for the COVID vaccine in the haredi sector, but some among the elderly population have difficulty getting to vaccination centers

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haredi man holds the Covid-19 vaccine
Haredi man holds the Covid-19 vaccine
David Cohen/Flash90

Israel's coronavirus vaccination campaign is in full swing, with about 1.8 million citizens vaccinated so far. The haredi ('Ultra Orthodox') information staff is continuing to encourage seniors to go out and get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

A campaign advertisement published in the haredi media reads: "Father and mother, you come first. If you have reached the age of 60, you are the first to be vaccinated against the coronavirus." Eligible people are invited to make an appointment at their HMO.

The haredi information headquarters at the Health Ministry explains that there is a high demand for vaccines among the haredi sector, but part of the population is facing the challenge of transportation to the vaccination centers.

"The call is addressed directly to parents but the use of 'father and mother' is intended to draw the attention of young people to help their parents and get them vaccinated. The earlier the at-risk groups are vaccinated, the sooner they can return to a normal life routine."

The Health Ministry added: "Until the vaccination campaign is completed, the rules must continue to be adhered to. A mask must be worn in the public space and in enclosed spaces. Complacency takes a toll on the soul and must be fought."