Kim threatens to expand North Korea's nuclear arsenal

North Korean leader threatens to expand his nuclear arsenal, but says he will not use nuclear weapons first unless threatened.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Saturday threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal as he disclosed a list of high-tech weapons systems under development, The Associated Press reports.

Kim also stated that the fate of relations with the United States depends on whether it abandons its “hostile policy”.

Kim’s comments came during a key meeting of the ruling party and are seen as applying pressure on the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

The Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim as saying the “key to establishing new relations between (North Korea) and the United States is whether the United States withdraws its hostile policy.”

Kim stressed he would not use his nuclear weapons first unless threatened and also suggested he is open to dialogue if Washington is too, but stressed North Korea must further strengthen its military and nuclear capability.

During President Donald Trump’s time in office, he tried to reached an agreement with North Korea, but it is unclear what path Biden will take.

Kim and Trump met in Hanoi in 2019 for a summit that left nuclear talks at a standstill.

The pair had met three times since June 2018 but made little progress towards denuclearization.

Since those talks broke down, North Korea has conducted several tests of ballistic missiles.

Biden, who will take office on January 20, is unlikely to hold direct meetings with Kim unless the North Korean leader takes significant denuclearization steps, according to AP.